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Best Architect  in India

Best Architect in India

60%-70% population of India still leaves in rural part of India. Where there are no doctors and illiteracy rate is also very high. Everyone is on the same page that in India health parameters are amongst the worst in the world. The childbirth survival rate is very less in India compare then in Nepal or Bangladesh. Life expectancy has increased in today scenario compare to the time of independence. But this statement does not hold true, the reason being same changes from state to state. Life expectancy in Madhya Pradesh is 54 years while in Kerala it is 74 years. The girl baby born in Madhya Pradesh is six times more likely to die before her first birthday compares to a baby girl born in Kerala. In terms of healthcare, India is lagging behind compare to Sri Lanka and Sub-Saharan African Company. India needs to do a lot more to ensure that first thing the living condition in which peoples are build up their health need to improve. Three things are very important which includes outreach, efficiency, and equity perspective. If all these things are deficient there is a big threat to healthcare indicators.

Now we will discuss the hospital architect the same plays an importance role in every one’s life. First of all, a person is required to prepare a functional space program. Jolt down a number of department and rooms’ requirement owner is looking for. At the same time, the owner needs to mention the area wise requirement which includes OPD, reception & toilets etc. One needs to also keep in mind that every area should have 30% area for circulation perspective i.e. the free area within the department same also include inter-corridor. Once you have jolt down all departments’ one need to add to 20% more area for vertical circulation, the same includes staircases, and last but not the least for the lift etc. Now we will discuss secondary circulation area owner must keep the same approx. 30-40% of the overall the build-up area. One also needs to study the by-laws the same prevalent in that city or more precisely come under municipality or city where the hospital needs to built-up. Other rules included are governed the height of the building, ground coverage of the building, rules regarding parking, and the heights of the floor.

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