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At present approximately 90 million populations in India falls under above the age of 60-year brackets, by the end of the year 2025 nearly 70 million more will be added to this bracket. With good medical facilities available in India today scenario, it’s estimated that around 9 million populations are currently above the age of 80-year bracket. As family values are changing along with economic scenario, so elders are being neglected and abused. In this scenario, Old Age Homes are the ideal choice for elderly people who are alone and facing health issues as well as depression and loneliness.

These old age homes provide special medical facilities for senior citizens same includes the mobile health care systems, nurses and nutritious meal. Old age homes work on two categories

  • Old age homeowner is charging rental monthly
  • Buyer can buy the independent unit.

Old age not only provides shelter, food, and medical facilities same also engage senior citizens in extra curriculum activities same includes yoga. In today modern world old age homes also do have advanced communication system, so that resident of same can connect with loved ones. Some old age homes also provide day care facilities, any senior citizen can spend good quality time there.

The primary concept of Old Age Home includes:

  • Design of old age homes depends on the economic status of the senior citizen those are going to reside there;
  • It could be independent room or cottage;
  • All the basic facilities in the home should be provided on the ground floor;
  • Flooring of toilets and bathrooms should use rough flooring; same reduce the chances of slip on the floor of the elders;
  • Recreation rooms should include all kind of indoor games;
  • Medical care room should be in-house.

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