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Luxury and privacy in a seamless blend within an individual impeccable lifestyle, and farm house community in Delhi is the best example of the same. The concept of farmhouses was introduced in the year 1960. At that time the farmhouses was new & numbers of same were very limited so there were no immediate building laws and guidelines. It was only in the1980’s , a trend came in Delhi through which farm houses gained the momentum/ recognition of becoming a first homes instead of just holiday ones. Later on it became the trend for the high class or high net work individuals to buy this new fascination called as farmhouses or country villas.

The Delhi Master Plan of 2021 allows for Redevelopment of these Farmhouses as “Country Homes” or “Country Villas” or Low Density Residential Areas (LDRA) with minimum plot size of 1 acre and 2 to 3 dwelling units with up to 30% FAR. Also, old farmhouses (i.e. unauthorized) constructions are now being regularized under the New Delhi country home policy.

Did you know that buying a farmhouse in Delhi is easier? Foreseeing the cluster living spaces of master place Delhi 2021 has been used the minimum plot area for farm houses from 2.5 acres to 1 acre. Earlier only 1076 Sq. ft. built theory was allowed at 2.5 acre plots. But with the new policy an individual can have three dwelling units of 4356 Sq.ft. per acre. The ministry of urban development has also permitted low density residential area in the new zones of the development plan in green belt area of the Delhi.

These urban farmhouses are loaded by the ultra modern amenities. Urban farmhouses have a lot of advantages such as at the cost of 500 sq. yards an individual can own 1613 sq. yards. This land asset will be freehold asset. An individual can expect a good asset price appreciation. An individual can own an exclusive private living space. An individual also can enjoy the large landscape area a midst natural greenery with swimming pool. There will be fully secured gated community and enjoy the peaceful/ample parking areas.

Urban farmhouses project falls under prime location of Delhi regions which have the highest appreciation value and return on investments. Same do have excellent road connectivity as well.

The architect plays a key role in making the farmhouses

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