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Green building concept is a practice of creating sustainable building structures same play a responsible role towards the environment. Green building also using the process same is resource-efficient throughout a building’s lifecycle from design, construction, operation, maintenance, renovation, and deconstruction. These days every second person is talking about green concept initiatives. The way we are behaving or going, same is not sustainable on the earth. In crux coming years our natural resources will be out of stock, same is very big concern & same should be for very one. Some of the organisation are raising their concerns and emphasizing go green concept.

Undergo green concept is basically peoples are supposed to reduce their carbon footprints. Same actually means there are extending their hand to the mother earth or precisely to the environment. An individual can go green by opting out a different kind of ways. A builder and construction company can also contribute their part to the environment but in the same case, they need a help of an architect. The Architect is the person who can make them (i.e. Builder and Construction Company) to understand how they can reduce the carbon footprints by following the green building concept. Green buildings are designed in such a way that impact on the environment and human health by reducing pollution and trash of environment, same also help in efficiently using the energy, water other natural resources efficiently and last but not the least same helps in protecting the user health and improving productivity.

Sometimes end user/occupant has the misconception about the green building renovation technology is very expensive. This statement holds well that green building technology will cost on higher side comparison to regular one. At the same time, one will get the good return out of the same in near future. This return will be in terms of saving on energy cost reason being this technology (i.e. green building renovation) same help in conserving the energy.

Other then this benefit one can expect environmental benefit i.e. same helps in reducing the wastage of water & improve air as well as water quality. Same also helps in reducing the economic benefit i.e. same helps in reducing the operating cost.

The architect plays a key role in making the green building

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