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The need of Smart cities was felt by policy makers on account of woeful infrastructure to keep pace with both growing digitization’s as well as population. The urban planners are of the view that current model of haphazard development will lead to chaos, which will seriously cripple the delivery system and movement in future. As a solution, the idea of a Smart City, which is quite popular in development countries, has been pushed by ace urban planners and policy makers. The country is moving ahead with an ambitious plan of building 100 smart cities providing better solutions to the growing requirement of robust civic infrastructure to support the burgeoning urban population. The government has made headways by partnering other countries, including Japan, US, and Germany, but parallelly India’s private sector has also pitched in to support the government’s initiative by building townships akin to smart cities.

Cities are engines of growth for the economy of every nation, including India. Nearly 31% of India’s current population lives in urban areas and contributes 63% of India’s GDP (Census 2011). With increasing urbanization, urban areas are expected to house 40% of the population and contribute 75% of the GDP by 2030. This requires the comprehensive development of physical, institutional, social and economic infrastructure. All are important in enhancing the quality of life, attracting people and investments into the City, by setting the motion of virtuous cycle in growth and development. Development of Smart Cities is a foundation for the initiative.

The ‘Smart City’ concept, which came up a long time ago took analog of the inherent nature of things and tried to overcome urban decay by creating new planned settlements far away from the big metropolitan cities so that population aggregation at one place could be arrested and a more balanced distribution could be achieved. It was believed that this would over time help in building new communities and helps the parent metropolis to remain healthy and survive longer.

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